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Warning: This article contains spoilers about Tuesday’s episode of The Masked Singer.

The audience cut down the Tree! At least Ana Gasteyer, the woman behind the faux bark on The Masked Singer, feels that the end justified the means. Having just released her holiday album Sugar and Booze, Gasteyer, 52, talks about how she hopes her run on the Fox show will show viewers that she’s not just a funny gal from Saturday Night Live.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: What did you think of T-Pain’s guess that you were Mariah Carey?
ANA GASTEYER: What can I say? The guesses have literally been the most diverse spread of human beings on the planet. There was Barbra Streisand and Oprah, and I loved the firm commitment that I was Rachael Ray. The idea that she’s this powerhouse voice that we didn’t know about, like she’s secretly Idina Menzel. I love the idea there is like a secret, rogue a cappella group of American chefs. That’s really a band I would pay good money to go see. Someone also thought I was Natalie Cole. Tragically, she is no longer with us. I don’t think they were implying I sounded like a dead person, but thinking I was her and that she was still alive! There was Barbra Streisand, Oprah. Probably my favorite guess was Michelle Obama. The First Lady is in all of our hearts, so why shouldn’t she be the best in karaoke? It was delightful to track all of that.

Had you watched season 1?
After I joined, I watched the entirety of the first season. It’s such an insane amusement park of a job. I had to understand what I was getting into. I did spend a considerable amount of time thinking about my costume. My Christmas album is out, which I threw my heart and soul into. A lot of people haven’t connected the dots between me the comedian and me the singer, so that was really the motivation, aside from the fact my son loves the show and that most of America finds it mesmerizing. My thinking was more about it being a means to an end for me, connecting the dots for people. That’s why I chose the Tree… There were parameters. I wanted it to be a green Christmas tree and I could change the ornaments on it. But the costume designers had a color palette [they wanted to adhere to], so they wanted my costume to be silver, part of a color scheme.

You were on Jimmy Kimmel Live and he asked you point blank if you were on the show.
I was not prepared for that question! I took the opportunity to correctly lead him to the record. If you think the lady on the album sounds like the Tree… why not go ahead and download Sugar and Booze and have a listen?

You outlasted Patti LaBelle and Michelle Williams on this show. How does that feel?
It’s unbelievable. Honestly, it’s really shocking. I was never there to compete to begin with. It’s not really a show about the best vocalist. It’s really a guessing game. It felt good to get that far. I don’t know that the best vocalists are left standing. Patti is a frigging legend, and Michelle is an extraordinary vocalist. I’d like to get together with them for karaoke and a cry.

Who in your immediate circle signed the non-disclosure agreement?
My kids had to sign, and my husband. My representatives, of course. I’ll have to tell my parents. They’ve never seen the show, but I feel like I need to prepare them for when someone assaults them at Albertsons. They need to know what they are in for.

A special holiday-themed episode of The Masked Singer will air Wednesday at 8 p.m. ET on Fox. And someone else will go home! Make sure to check back here to hear from the latest eliminated singer.

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