He also does a great Johnny Rose impression!

While Dustin Milligan recorded a bonus episode for our Schitt’s Creek season of EW’s BINGE, the actor who portrays Ted on the cult comedy made time for some fun. He did cast impressions and played our costar game — which gave him two opportunities to troll, poke fun at, and share his thoughts about the beloved Schitt’s Creek cast.

Milligan impressed with his impersonations of Annie Murphy (Alexis) and the rest of his fellow actors. He did a fantastic Johnny Rose impression he claimed was “more Eugene [Levy],” gave us his best “Bob jog,” and even recreated Alexis’ iconic “Ew, David” moment.

The costar game also allowed for him to take off his “Ted hat” and share his thoughts on the actors behind the residents of Schitt’s Creek. For example: He chose Murphy as the costar he’d call to bail him out of jail because “if you know anything about Annie, it’s like she knows her way around the Canadian legal system.” Sounds a little like Alexis, doesn’t it?

When he got to the sitcom’s leader Dan Levy (David), Milligan said he would let him “Marie Kondo” his life. Not only because Levy has excellent taste, but because “he’s also very cutting, very cynical, and can really just get to the heart of all your insecurities and break you down in an instant, which is what you need to properly clean out your closet,” he shared.

“You need someone to tell you like, ‘Your taste is garbage, you’re a bad person for having your closet look like this, I’m going to fix everything and don’t call me afterward because we’re not friends — because I’ve seen your closet now,'” he added.

As for who he’d be willing to travel the world with on The Amazing Race, Milligan would opt for Murphy or Noah Reid (Patrick). Watch the video with Milligan above, and keep your fingers crossed for a reality show reunion between him and Murphy. Or Reid. You decide.

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