Baby Yoda fans may have been denied any official toys until 2020.

But that doesn’t mean we should all go without a Baby Yoda emoji for one more day.

A fan of Disney+’s The Mandalorian has just launched a petition calling for a Baby Yoda emoji.

“I think Baby Yoda should be an emoji,” wrote Travis Bramble, the superfan who started the petition. “He stole our hearts and now I want him to steal our keyboard space. Your friend shares a pic of her new born baby? Respond with a cute little Baby Yoda emoji to show that you think her little rascal is cute beyond words. You’re sick and your mom texts you, ‘do you want some soup?’ Respond back with a cute little Baby Yoda to show her that your thirst for soup is insatiable. Join me into this movement and let your voices be heard. WE WANT BABY YODA EMOJI!!!”

This seems like perhaps the one thing everybody in these divided times can agree on.

The Mandalorian
Credit: Lucasfilm

So far, nearly 200 people have signed. But according to a representative, the site “anticipates massive growth on this petition.” Well, yeah. Like the guy who got the Baby Yoda drinking White Claw tattoo is definitely on board.

Here is the petition. Sign this you should.

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