The “Peloton Bike wife” is back in a savage unofficial sequel to the controversial viral ad.

The new ad is from actor Ryan Reynolds’ Aviation Gin company. It stars actress Monica Ruiz seemingly reprising her role as a woman who was given a $2,245 stationary bike for Christmas by her husband and then manically exercised for a year.

In the new gin ad, Ruiz looks a bit shell-shocked at the camera at a bar during the holidays while being comforted by two friends, who reassure “you’re safe here.” Drinking gin cocktails, they toast “to new beginnings” and then one of her friends comfortingly adds, “You look great by the way.”

The original Peloton Bike ad launched Nov. 21 and was blasted on social media by viewers saying Ruiz’s unseen husband gave his super-fit wife a body-shaming gift and that she seemed like a grim hostage to her exercise regimen. The ad has racked up more than 5 million views:

Peloton has said in a statement that the company was “disappointed in how some have misinterpreted” the ad’s message and noted it has received an “outpouring of support” from people who like the ad.

But apparently, while receiving all those reactions to its viral ad, Peloton didn’t think to sign Ruiz to a period of exclusivity.

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