By Maureen Lee Lenker
December 06, 2019 at 03:29 PM EST
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The last episode of Charmed contained a major shocker — Parker (Nick Hargrove) is back and he wants to marry Maggie (Sarah Jeffery).

But as we head into the winter finale of season 2, Maggie is not taking that proposal so well. In this exclusive clip, Maggie flips out as Parker’s request to marry him. In fact, she goes so far to ask him if he’s insane.

It doesn’t help that Parker is now the Demon Overlord, a direct foe to the Charmed Ones, but he hopes matrimony between him and Maggie might restore some order between the warring witches and demons. But might Parker also have ulterior motives? “I definitely feel like Parker’s intentions are good,” Hargrove teases to EW. “Obviously, sometimes good intentions don’t always have the best results. But you can trust his intentions. He definitely cares for Maggie and loves her and wants what he thinks is best for her.”

Parker has been absent from Maggie’s life for months, after heading out at the end of season 1 to come to terms with his demon side. Though Hargrove says we won’t get much on what happened to him in the intervening months to become the Overlord. “Most of that is left off-screen,” he says. “What happened to him when he was figuring out his demon side on his walk-about. It gave him an opportunity to free himself from that influence of his father, which was pretty negative. It’s given him some time to mature and grow up and just have a little more independence. But at some point, he’s approached by Godric (Nathan Witte) who’s this adviser figure for his family for the past few centuries. Him not really having any support system, no one else really that he loves in his life, he is open to Godric’s influence because he is basically the only familiar thing he has. At this point, he also thinks Maggie is dead because of her disappearance from Hilltown. That leads him to take on some of his more demonic aspects again.”

Much of Parker’s journey throughout season 1 centered on his struggles between his demon side and his human side. As the new Overlord, it seems he’s resolutely chosen to embrace his demon side. But will Maggie’s reappearance in his life once again present him with that conundrum?

“He definitely is still battling between the two,” Hargrove admits. “Part of his little walkabout was to try to get his demon side in check. Not having anybody that he loves in his life I think has pushed him to embrace that demon side. Hopefully, Maggie can get through to him. She’s always been the one thing that pulls him back to his human side. I’ve always felt Parker definitely leans a little more toward his human side, and Maggie always brings the best of that out.”

Watch the clip above for more. Charmed airs Fridays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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