Get ready to see a whole new world of Aladdin.

Disney+ is developing a spin-off feature focused on a surprising character from the live-action movie. Billy Magnussen, who played the dim yet hilarious visiting royal Prince Anders and was vying for Princess Jasmine’s (Naomi Scott) hand in marriage, will star in the streaming service’s new project. And it was all Magnussen’s idea — he approached producers with an idea for the spin-off and was involved in meeting with writers.

Credit: Disney

Jordan Dunn and Michael Kvamme will write the script for the spin-off movie, with Aladdin‘s Dan Lin and Jonathan Eirich returning as producers. Magnussen will reprise the role for what is reportedly not a sequel to the original movie.

Prince Anders was an original character created for the 2019 live-action film. He did not appear in the animated movie, and little is known about his origins or what the spin-off will explore.

The Hollywood Reporter broke the news.

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