If Shrill‘s first season was about one woman’s journey to self-acceptance, it appears its second season is about what comes after that. The first trailer for season 2 of Aidy Bryant and Hulu’s comedy series has arrived, and teases a new journey for Bryant’s Annie.

The new season sees Annie happily coupled with Ryan (Luka Jones) and having faced down her demons, including a persistent online troll. But now, after quitting her job and attaining newfound self-confidence, Annie finds that the life she’s been pursuing isn’t quite what she imagined. Case in point: A job interview that isn’t actually for a “job,” per se.

“You are a great essayist!” the interviewer says. “I would love to offer you an internship, though I should mention it’s unpaid.”

“That sounds so nice. I just also need money?” Annie replies.

The trailer also features Annie, in her words, “shaking my s— up a little” (which, apparently, entails her and Ryan getting frisky in a field — at least until a troop of Boy Scouts ambles their way) in an attempt to “be the person that I actually wanna be.” It seems she’s still got a lot of shaking up to do to get there.

Shrill, executive produced by Lorne Michaels and Elizabeth Banks, returns with eight new episodes Jan. 24 on Hulu. You can watch the full trailer above.

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