By James Hibberd
December 04, 2019 at 07:19 PM EST

This Mandalorian fan’s tattoo pretty much finishes off 2019.

A Twitter user shared these images of fresh ink depicting the adorable Baby Yoda (fine, “The Child”) drinking White Claw.

“Ain’t no laws when baby yoda drinking claws,” user Baby Yoda’s Baby Daddy (a.k.a. @brockmclaughlin) wrote, taking what would have otherwise been a perfect ending line for this story for their tweet.

Here is the tattoo you’re looking for:

White Claw is, of course, the suddenly everywhere vaguely alcoholic hard seltzer that became so popular that it reportedly has been outselling Budweiser. While Baby Yoda is the breakout character from the Disney+ live-action Star Wars series (that almost certainly isn’t literally Yoda’s child, but rather a member of his same rare species).

The tattoo arrives a day after Baby Yoda dolls hit the market, though they won’t actually ship to fans until 2020.

Here’s a second fan’s Baby Yoda tattoo. This one would have been very cool if Baby Yoda’s Baby Daddy hadn’t totally just raised the bar:

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