Michelle Monaghan and Mehdi Dehbi lead new series from Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.

Are they miracles or a madman’s plot to throw the world into chaos?

As CIA agent Eva Geller, Mission: Impossible — Fallout actress Michelle Monaghan gets to the bottom of the case in the first trailer for Netflix’s upcoming Mark Burnett-produced series Messiah.

The thriller follows Geller as she tracks a mysterious figure (Mehdi Dehbi) who gains international attention by committing acts of public disruption, which his growing number of cult-like followers allege are godly miracles. Not everyone is convinced, however, as Geller uncovers information that suggests the man might be a persuasive con artist with sinister intentions to dismantle the world’s geopolitical order.

Still, among other deeds — including a young woman (Stefania LaVie Owen) claiming the man saved her from a violent tornado — his popularity grows, though multiple perspectives from a group of diverse people (a Texas preacher, a Palestinian refugee, and a journalist, among others) complicate the narrative as Geller searches for the truth.

Created by The Book Thief‘s Michael Petroni and directed by V for Vendetta helmer James McTeigue, Messiah season 1 — also starring Dermot Mulroney and Beau Bridges — premieres Jan. 1 on Netflix. Watch the new trailer above.

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