By Rosy Cordero
November 29, 2019 at 01:06 PM EST

Not only is Freddie Prinze Jr. a huge fan of the wildly popular series Friends, but he’s also a cookbook author and home chef. This makes Prinze the perfect person to add his own twist to Ross’ (David Schwimmer) legendary Thanksgiving leftovers sandwich.

The actor, who guest-starred as emotional male nanny Sandy on the NBC sitcom, tells EW how to make his version of the delicious Moistmaker.

“Yes, I remember this episode! Ross was very upset when someone took his sandwich, and since he’s not a tough guy, he asked Phoebe [Lisa Kudrow] for help on how to prevent someone from stealing a sandwich,” Prinze reminisces while answering the Butterball Turkey Talk-Line recently. “She wrote a really nasty message that got Ross in trouble and put in anger management. So I know it’ll have to be a really good sandwich. I know my stuff, I was on that show!”

Friends Thanksgiving
Credit: NBC

He adds, “So here’s how I’d make my own version: I would do wheat bread, lettuce, no tomato, stuffing on top of the lettuce, turkey on top of the stuffing, cranberry sauce on top of the turkey, with another slice of bread on top. Both pieces of bread will be dry, no mustard nor mayonnaise. Me and mayonnaise are not friends, so that doesn’t come near anything I make.

Then I would kind of press it, but not panini style but just sort of press it down, slice it, wrap it tightly so that it holds its form, and then I would eat it the next day.”

It you want to make the original sandwich, watch the video below:

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