She ready for her Black Mitzvah!

On Tuesday, Netflix dropped the trailer for Tiffany Haddish‘s upcoming original comedy special Black Mitzvah, and the comedian/actress is here to celebrate. Having recently connected with her father and discovering he’s an Eritrean Jew, Haddish is ready to explore her Jewish roots in the Netflix special — and is even throwing herself a bat mitzvah to celebrate, as well as learning Hebrew.

The standup special sees Haddish cover everything from fame to the time she received a jumpsuit from Beyoncé(!) and her infamous New Year’s Eve set. Additionally, now that she’s “finally come into her full-grown womanhood,” the actress is also ready to share some valuable life advice with tidbits like, “If ever you feel like danger is around, b—, start skipping. Ain’t nobody ’bout to f— with a b— that skip!” and if anyone accuses you of drinking too much, blame the parasites inside of you. (Genius, honestly.)

Black Mitzvah arrives on Netflix on Dec. 3. Watch the trailer above.

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