Larry King has always been able to get guests to open up about their lives on his long-running talk shows Larry King Live and Larry King Now, but now he’s the one making revelations.

The broadcasting icon told Extra on Monday night that he’d been in a coma earlier this year following a stroke. Extra caught King at his 86th birthday party, thrown by the Friars Club.

“I had a stroke. Everything got better except my left foot, and I’ve been rehabbing that every day. They told me I’ll be walking by Christmas,” King first told the interviewer, before getting even more frank about his recent health struggles. “It’s been a rough year. I don’t remember anything since March. I had the stroke in March. I haven’t driven a car. I’m back at work and that makes me feel great. I was in a coma. That lasted a couple of weeks, and then I got out and everything got better. It’s been a long, hard ride.”

King, who has always covered politics as part of his programming, also spoke about Donald Trump, a guest on his show countless times, and the current pool of Democratic candidates for president.

“I think Joe Biden will hold on and I think he will give [Trump] the toughest fight,” King said when asked about who he thought had the best chance of winning the nomination.

Larry King Live ended its 25-year run in 2010, but King has still been an active presence on television with new interview shows Larry King Now and Politicking With Larry King.

Watch the clip above for more.

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