Michelle Wolf is bringing her comedy back to Netflix. Over a year after her show The Break was canceled by the streaming platform, Wolf is returning to Netflix with a new stand-up special, titled Joke Show. The new trailer for Michelle Wolf: Joke Show features only one bit, and it’s not political at all.

“I saw otters in real life, so I posted it about it on Instagram, because that’s how you prove life happens,” Wolf begins. “Then this woman responds to me: ‘My husband told me otters rape baby seals. Just thought you should know.'”

Wolf continues, “What kinds of fairy tale animal sex happens in your head? No animals are asking for consent! How do you think your labradoodle was made?”

The official description for the special declares that Wolf “wants to fight for women’s equality…but not in like that annoying way.”

Michelle Wolf: Joke Show hits Netflix on Dec. 10. Watch the trailer above.

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