“I sold my house, and then I quit my job, and I moved to this town that I’ve never heard of…”

So begins the first trailer for Netflix’s forthcoming Virgin River, a new series based on the bestselling romance novels of the same name by Robyn Carr. The character speaking is Melinda Monroe (This Is UsAlexandra Breckenridge), a young woman starting over as a nurse practitioner in a remote corner of Northern California.

The trailer showcases many of Melinda’s struggles in her new town, from her rundown, vermin-infested cabin where she’s taking up residence to the doctor (Tim Matheson) who doesn’t want her assistance as a nurse practitioner, despite having been hired for the job. There’s also her sister, Joey, back home, who seems to think Melinda is running away from her troubles.

Virgin River
Credit: Netflix

But there’s one bright spot — Jack’s Bar and its hunky owner, Jack Sheridan (Martin Henderson), who is taking Melinda to the batting cages and making her cabin more livable with his handyman skills (’cause is there anything more attractive than a dude fixing up your house for you?).

Virgin River is the first of 20 books in Robyn Carr’s series named for the titular small-town. Season 1 is 10 episodes, but there’s plenty more source material beyond it as well.

“I really enjoy the Hallmark movies, but I think where they’re really soft, Netflix is a little bit edgier. It’s a perfect fit,” Carr previously told EW of her signing off on Netflix adapting her novels.

Watch the trailer above for more. Virgin River debuts Friday, Dec. 6 on Netflix.

Correction: This article previously misidentified Joey as Melinda’s mother. She is her sister.

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