Will Menzel let this one go?

“Are you sick of me yet?” That seems to have been the cue from Josh Gad. Sitting in for Ellen DeGeneres on the comedienne’s talk show this week, the actor pranked his Frozen 2 costar Idina Menzel by having a guy dressed as Olaf hide out in a box and then pop out to scare her.

It happens around the five-minute mark in the video clip shown above, and Menzel’s reaction is worth the watch. “I almost peed my pants,” said the Broadway songstress after leaping out of her seat.

Everything seemed normal. Gad talked about his own personal obsession with her as a Broadway icon, how he first saw her perform in the musical Rent, and how Menzel and another of their Frozen family, Kristen Bell, earned stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Then it happened.

Even with DeGeneres out, the legacy of scares lives on.

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