UPDATE: NBC announced Wednesday that it has officially renewed the long-running daytime soap.

NOV. 21, 2019: False alarm, everyone! Days of Our Lives will be coming back after all.

Though word surfaced last week that the actors could be out of work because no new deal has been reached for a 56th season, a Corday Productions executive told the cast Thursday that the renewal is happening — just a few i’s and t’s need to still be dotted and crossed. The DOOL actors will go on a year-end break, which is apparently always the case, and production will resume in January.

An NBC spokesperson declined to comment.

Credit: Mitchell Haaseth/NBC

DOOL is wrapping its 55th season this month. Though NBC has eight months of DOOL episodes in the can, panic recently set in that the actors could be out of work for a while if NBC doesn’t close a deal soon with Sony Pictures Television, which distributes the show. Negotiations, however, were already underway, so the worry over the actors being out of work was unfounded.

Still, it’s rather easy to assume the worst these days when it comes to the health of daytime dramas. Viewership isn’t what it used to be for sudsers, even though fans still love their DOOL, General Hospital, Young and the Restless, and Bold and the Beautiful.

Anyway, Corday Productions continues to build upon the DOOL brand. On Wednesday the company announced that it is launching a new DOOL app series that will reunite nine characters from the 2000 season for new digital series.

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