We all know Brits love their tea, so when they spill it, it means serious business.

The Crown star Helena Bonham Carter was on The Late Show Tuesday night, and host Stephen Colbert asked the actress to “spill the tea” and dish on her past costars.

Helena Bonham Carter; Rihanna
Credit: Kevin Winter/Getty Images; Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

The highlight of the recurring segment was Carter’s take on Rihanna, whom she appeared alongside in the 2018 all-women heist film, Ocean’s 8. She gave a glowing review of the Barbadian star, plus one hilarious tidbit.

“She’s amazing, she’s a goddess. She looks extraordinary. I could never understand what she said though. We speak totally different languages,” Carter said. “But I love her, and she’s amazing to look at — really good actress too, and then she’s a great designer.”

Helena Bonham Carter; Rihanna
Credit: Raymond Hall/GC Images

On Colin Firth, her King’s Speech costar, Carter kept her answer balanced: “Love dearly; talks too much.”

Olivia Colman? “No tear duct like her,” Carter said about her Crown costar’s crying abilities.

But Carter struggled to drop any gossip about Brad Pitt and Daniel Radcliffe. “Absolute gentleman,” she said about her Fight Club costar. “He looks like if he swallowed the sun. He’s just such a good thing on the exterior and the interior. There’s no tea to spill.”

And when it came to her Harry Potter costar Daniel Radcliffe, Carter revealed just how sensitive and considerate the actor is. “He’s got nice manners, too. He loves poems, and he writes them. He also quotes poems,” Carter said. “He’s really handy because I like my tea and my coffee and my Diet Coke and things, and he’d hold them all for me. So he was really helpful.”

The Crown, which stars Carter as Princess Margaret, is on Netflix now.

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