It is a truth universally recognized that Baby Yoda is cute. Since The Mandalorian’s first two episodes debuted on Disney+, the show has introduced several new characters to the Star Wars galaxy, including Pedro Pascal’s titular gunslinger, Horatio Sanz’s spiky blue fugitive, and a trigger-happy bounty hunter droid voiced by Taika Waititi. But no Mandalorian character — nay, no Star Wars character ever — has been met with as much immediate adoration as the tiny green gremlin fans have dubbed Baby Yoda.

He is small! He is powerful! His ears are bigger than his head! It is no surprise why Pascal’s Mandalorian took one look at this small wrinkled child and decided to risk his life to protect it; any one of us would have done the same. I know that every parent thinks their child is the cutest in the galaxy, but this is patently false — unless their child is Baby Yoda.

Credit: Lucasfilm

(Yes, we know that this chartreuse creature is not actually Yoda himself, especially since The Mandalorian takes place after the events of Return of the Jedi. But Unnamed Green Baby Alien Who Is The Same Species As Yoda doesn’t have the same ring to it. He is Baby Yoda. I have spoken.)

Now that The Mandalorian’s Force-sensitive bundle of joy is out in the world, director Jon Favreau has shared a behind-the-scenes look at Baby Yoda’s origins. Favreau posted original concept art on social media, revealing that yes, Baby Yoda has always been this adorable.

Look at those improbably large bat ears! Those dewy, soul-shattering eyes! Those tiny, lizard-like feetsies! Baby Yoda is so disarmingly charming that he makes BB-8, Star Wars’ former cute champion, look like a rusty bucket of junk.

Long live Baby Yoda.

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