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So far, season 6 of The Flash has been a heavy one because it’s essentially marching toward the Flash’s death in “Crisis on Infinite Earths.” But this week the CW superhero drama is taking a break from the grieving to deliver a fun homage to James Bond movies in an episode directed by star Danielle Panabaker.

“This is really Barry and Ralph[’s episode],” Panabaker told reporters at a recent screening of Tuesday’s episode, “License to Elongate.” “Barry’s preparing all of the different members of Team Flash for life after ‘Crisis,’ and this is his opportunity to prepare Ralph for life after ‘Crisis,’ and it leads them outside of Central City to try and find more information about Sue Dearbon. And along the way, lessons are learned.”

In fact, Barry and Ralph’s adventure into the very rich criminal underground of Midway City begins in the exclusive sneak peek above, which shows the duo scoping out a fancy black-tie event. Apparently, this is the last place Sue (The Originals’ Natalie Dreyfuss) was spotted, so it makes sense for Ralph and Barry to “suit up” and check it out. Barry assume they’re going to go in as the Flash and Elongated Man, but Ralph surprises him because he has something entirely different in mind.

Watch the clip above to see what Ralph actually means.

“License to Elongate” is Panabaker’s second directorial effort on The Flash. Last season, she directed the Nora-centric hour “Godspeed,” which was set in the future. The setting isn’t the only thing that differentiates the two episodes for Panabaker, though.

“I was a little more confident this time for sure having done it once before, but you know sort of the fun thing about Flash, and particularly this season, is every episode really has its own flavor,” she said. “They’ve been really distinct and unique, and to get to play with a lot of like the Bond homages and stuff was really fun for me. This episode has less has less special effects than ‘Godspeed’ did, you know. So it’s a different skill set to get to do more of a distance and that sort.”

Showrunner Eric Wallace added: “Next week’s episode [“The Last Temptation of Barry Allen, Part 1”] is not kid-friendly, let’s say, but we just did deliberately said, ‘Well, let’s do something super-fun.’ And it was very actor-chemistry-heavy between Hartley and Grant out of costume, so I was so happy that she [directed this one].”

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET/PT on the CW.

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