As the writer of the film The Queen, the play The Audience, and now the TV show The Crown, the career of Peter Morgan has become inextricably linked with that of the British royal family. But at a tribute to Morgan held in Hollywood on Saturday night, the writer revealed that no one finds it more peculiar than himself that he has become the Windsor family’s preeminent chronicler.

“If what you’re asking is, do I feel that it’s bizarre and strange that I’m still writing about these people: Yeah!” Morgan told The Crown cast member John Lithgow in the course of a Q&A. “I’m not a monarchy geek. I’m interested in Britain, I’m interested in the way our country’s put together. We have this very eccentric constitution. All of it that’s ended up being The Crown is really this private relationship between the Queen and her Prime Minister, when they have these very odd meetings once a week. And that made me want to explore that. And I’m as mystified as anyone of the fact that I’m still doing this. If somebody had told me maybe eight or ten years ago that I’d be writing about these people for this long, I’d have blown my brains out. It’s true.”

The third season of The Crown, which stars Oscar-winner Olivia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II, is now streaming on Netflix.

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