By Dalton Ross
November 15, 2019 at 09:00 AM EST

The good news for Siddiq is that he was not beheaded last season on The Walking Dead, with his zombified noggin ending up on a spike. Oh, and he’s also a dad now! That’s totally good news, even if the arrangement is a little… complicated. But all the other news has been bad. Very bad.

Clearly suffering from PTSD after witnessing the murder of his friends, Siddiq (Avi Nash) has been forced to watch those gruesome deaths over and over again as a result of flashbacks and nightmares that haunt him day and night. And they’re not about to let up.

We’ve got the exclusive first few minutes of the next Walking Dead episode (titled “Open Your Eyes”), and in them, we see Siddiq tending to his rounds as the Alexandria medic. But he’s still having visions. Creepy visions. A blood-soaked machete! Alpha in Alexandria! Two arms reaching out of a chair! Why, it’s enough to make a man go mad!

To watch Sidiiq’s latest ordeal, check out the video above. And then tune into AMC Sunday night at 9 p.m. ET to take in the entire episode. And trust us, there will be a lot to take in.

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