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Sue Dearbon’s arrival is imminent because The Flash has finally found an actress for the part.

EW has confirmed that Natalie Dreyfuss (The Originals) has been cast in the recurring role of Sue Dearbon, the missing person at the heart of Ralph Dibny’s (Hartley Sawyer) current case. In the pages of DC Comics, Sue eventually becomes Ralph’s wife and crime-solving partner. (TVLine broke the news).

Here’s the official character description: “Possessing a fierce intelligence and a spitfire personality, Sue Dearbon is the daughter to one of Central City’s most wealthy families. But there’s much more to Sue than just the socialite reputation that always precedes her, which master detective Ralph Dibny will discover when they finally meet later this season.”

The Flash has been preparing for Sue’s introduction since the sixth season began, especially when it comes to Ralph being ready to meet the woman he will eventually marry. Part of that prep has involved Ralph deciding he wants to open himself up to love after being closed off for many years.

“We’ve been building up to this idea that Ralph wants something in his life that’s romantic and serious,” Sawyer told EW in October. “I think he’s finally getting to a point where he’s getting ready for that, and I think this is a big piece of that. With her saying that she’s not open to joy right now and she’s not open to love, he truly realizes that he is. So, I think that gives him a new sense of confidence and a new lease on life.”

Fans should be prepared for a twist when it comes to Sue, though.

“We have to solve the mystery of where is Sue exactly, what’s she doing, and more importantly, why?” The Flash showrunner Eric Wallace told EW in July. “It’s a season-long mystery that is going to take a twist in the back half. And when we finally do meet Sue, she might not be the woman that Ralph is expecting.”

Dreyfuss’ other credits include: Still the King, Will & Grace, and Baby Daddy.

The Flash airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on The CW.

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