Gary just can't catch a break.

Gary sure knows how to pick ’em. After playing assistant to Julia Louis-Dreyfus‘ Selina Meyer on Veep, Tony Hale reprised his role to become the assistant to Jimmy Fallon‘s Donald Trump during an incredibly stressful time for the sitting president.

Fallon turned his stage on The Tonight Show into a spoof of Andy Cohen‘s Watch What Happens Live!, because Cohen, as he jokes, is “opposite Mike Pence.” It’s now Impeachment After Dark Live! and it involves Fallon as Trump tackling the impeachment hearings, which are currently being televised.

Fortunately, the president has Gary by his side with his bag full of “water” (he means Diet Coke) and McDonald’s hamburgers.

Like a good subordinate, Gary reiterates Trump’s talking points, like “read the transcript,” and reminds him how to pronounce the last name of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, who recently visited with Trump and Republican senators at the Oval Office. (The meeting, according to reports from CBS News and Axios, became heated when talk to turned to the Kurds.)

“He’s the president of Turkey, folks, so I have to do it fast before he’s eaten,” Fallon’s Trump said.

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