Mike Birbiglia‘s stand-up specials — or one-man shows, as they’re often accurately called — are marked by staggering emotional honesty, heartfelt delivery, and hilariously spot-on observations. His new show The New One is no exception, and those who missed its Broadway run (which was among EW’s favorite stage shows of 2018) and subsequent tour will now have a chance to catch it in their own homes.

The New One, filmed on Broadway, will arrive on Netflix Nov. 26 (just in time for lazy Thanksgiving weekend viewing), and the streaming service has now dropped a trailer for the special. The New One focuses on Birbiglia’s reluctant journey to fatherhood, and the trailer showcases his uniquely Birbiglian approach to the subject matter.

“Maybe I have a low tolerance for children, because I’ve lost a lot of great friends to kids,” the comedian says in the trailer. “It really is like a disease in some ways, but it’s worse than a disease, ’cause they want you to have it too. They’re like zombies.”

Referring to his wife, Birbiglia continues, “She says, ‘But if we had a baby, I think it would be different.’ And I was like, ch-chh” — here he cocks an imaginary shotgun — “‘You got bit!‘” You know, typical new parent stuff.

The New One is currently playing at the Ahmanson Theatre in Los Angeles, and a book based on the show will publish in May. You can watch the full trailer for the Netflix edition above.

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