It’s a “Sign of the Times”: Harry Styles will be returning to Saturday Night Live this weekend, pulling double duty as both host and musical guest.

In a new promo for the “Lights Up” singer’s SNL takeover, he tells cast member Kenan Thompson that he’s “down for anything,” and Thompson then invites Styles to “enjoy the magic of fall” with him.

“What do you have in mind? Hot cider, big scarves?” Styles asks giddily, while looking very autumnal in an orange crewneck, ’70s plaid trousers, and brown ankle boots.

Thompson points to a large pile of multicolored leaves, and the two leap into it for some “classic fall fun,” showering themselves with the foliage and making leaf angels in slow motion.

Like two hearts in one home, Styles and Thompson later recline on the leafy cushion and chat about how Styles does not celebrate Thanksgiving — until an employee with a leaf blower interrupts their riveting discussion, as he needs to clear the set. “You need to leave,” he mutters, his words muffled by the loud noise of the machine.

“Leaves? We love leaves!” Styles replies with an ear-to-ear grin. Eventually they get the boot, but fortunately Styles and Thompson will be back Saturday. Watch the promo above.

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