Will we have another “Ken Jeong-wrong” moment, as judge Jenny McCarthy puts it?

In EW’s exclusive preview of Wednesday’s The Masked Singer, celebrity panelist Ken Jeong doubles down on one of his most outrageous guesses. This week, The Flower is among the five contestants to perform (along with The Tree, The Ladybug, Mr. Fox, and The Rottweiler), and Jeong is insistent that it’s a certain Icelandic singer.

“I’ve been on the Björk train for her last two performances and to me, this is clearly Icelandic classic Björk. And I’ll tell you why,” Jeong says to laughter from the audience and fellow panelist Robin Thicke.

Other judges have previously guessed Patti LaBelle and Jessie J, which seems more on the money. Explaining his logic, Jeong points to the clue package that precedes Flower’s performance, where she says “‘Oh so quiet,’ which he reminds everyone is “is Björk’s biggest song, so it’s Björk!”

Special guest panelist Triumph the Insult Comic Dog is not having it and he lets Jeong know — “[The Flower] is what Björk looks like on her driver’s license. This is regular, everyday Björk.”

The judges’ skepticism is understandable, considering that Jeong has gone 0 for 6 when it comes to guessing celebrity identities (Miranda Lambert for Black Widow, really?). But perhaps his inspired theory could be kooky enough to be right — after all, it is The Masked Singer, described by host Nick Cannon as “TV’s most outrageous fever dream.”

The Masked Singer airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox.

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