Elisabeth Moss, one of television’s most valuable players, has found a new direction she wouldn’t mind going down — one with a little more holiday spirit.

At her Anatomy of a Performance panel at the 2019 Vulture Festival, the Emmy winner copped to having the Hallmark app on her phone, saying “I love Hallmark Christmas movies and I watch as many of them as possible.”

While the actress was later asked what kind of romantic comedy she would want for herself, Moss brought the conversation back toward the famed TV movie franchise, replying “I actually would love to do a Hallmark Christmas Movie…I would do it. I would make the best one ever.”

“I’d be like a shop owner, and there’d be like a Christmas tree farm salesman,” explains Moss, as seen in the tweet below, improvising the plot of her hypothetical Hallmark Christmas Movie. “It’d be like, I hate him at first, and it’d be great.”

While The Handmaid’s Tale star is used to wearing a red and white outfit for work, the story itself would be decidedly more cheerier this time working for the Hallmark Channel.

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