Watch the first few minutes of Sunday's episode to see Carol and Daryl in action.

By Dalton Ross
November 08, 2019 at 09:00 AM EST

As I wrote recently in an article about The Walking Dead’s creative resurgence, the character of Carol is always at her best when she is on a mission. And her latest mission looks like it will be explained and explored on Sunday’s upcoming episode of the show.

We’ve got the exclusive first few minutes of the episode right here, and in them we see Carol waking up to tackle a brand new day. But before she heads out, she stops and looks in a drawer at her gun. The same gun she fired at Alpha.

Whether she takes it or not, we don’t know, but she does seem to have a plan and purpose in mind. So when her apocalyptic BFF Daryl sees Carol out and about, he can’t help but inquire where she’s off to. At first, she says she’s heading out to do “another sweep for Negan.” But Daryl doesn’t buy it, and neither do we.

So he asks to tag along, and when Carol attempts to persist with the Negan ruse, Daryl can’t help but respond: “He ain’t gonna wander around waiting to get spotted. He ain’t that dumb. And neither are you.”

Only then does Carol come clean with her real mission: “Alpha’s horde. We’re gonna find it and we’re gonna destroy it.” Ladies and gentlemen, game on. It seems Carol is not ready for forgive and forget the brutal beheading of her adopted son Henry, and nor should she.

To take in the first few minutes of the episode (titled “Bonds”), check out the video above, and then watch the entire thing go down Sunday night when the episode airs in full on AMC. We’ll have our usual postmortem with showrunner Angela Kang to break it all down once its over. Until then, enjoy Carol in all her badassery.

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