Quentin Coldwater (Jason Ralph) may be gone, but he isn’t far from The Magicians‘ thoughts.

On Friday, the SYFY drama released a new season 5 teaser that previews how the rest of the Brakebills gang is processing Quentin’s tragic season 4-ending death. For the remaining characters, the grieving process includes drinking and potentially plotting something even more insane and Avengers: Endgame-like.

“It’s not over yet. We’re going to Endgame this s—t,” declares Margo (Summer Bishil), to which Eliot (Hale Appleman) immediately replies, “When did you have time to go see Endgame?” (which is an interesting question given that the last time we saw Margo and Eliot, they were stuck in Fillory and 300 years in the future).

Elsewhere in the teaser, Alice’s mom tells Alice (Olivia Taylor Dudley), “Nobody gets to tell you how to grieve. Only you know where it’s going to take you. If you need to do something crazy to get through it, do something crazy.”

However they deal with their grief, at least we know they won’t have to worry about not having enough magic. In the past couple of seasons, there was a shortage of magic (for a number of reasons); however, at the end of season 4, the situation was reversed and now there’s too much magic in the world when season 5 begins, which comes with its own problems.

“The analogy that I like to use is: In season 5, there’s more magic on Earth than there was cocaine on Wall Street in the ‘80s,” executive producer/co-showrunner John McNamara told EW in April.

“That starts to cause problems as there are some infusions of essentially too much magic, and that needs to be contended with. Too much of a good thing is also a problem. We joke that if we’re on the air long enough, we may eventually do a season where there’s just exactly the right amount of music,” said EP/co-showrunner Sera Gamble, with EP/co-showrunner Henry Alonso Myers adding, “We’re approaching magic in a completely different way from any way that we have approached it on the show prior to this. Every season, magic has shifted in some massive way and our characters have had to struggle in order to deal with those changes and that continues to happen in season 5.”

Watch the teaser above.

The Magicians returns January 2020 on SYFY.

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