Dublin Murders star Killian Scott knows that adapting a beloved novel for the screen can be tricky, to say the least.

“It’s terrible for people when they really love a book and there’s an adaptation and they don’t like it, because it’s almost like you have this personal connection to the original material,” he tells EW.

On this moody drama — based on novelist Tana French’s Dublin Murder Squad books In the Woods and The Likeness — two detectives (played by Sarah Greene and Scott) investigate the killing of a girl whose body was found in the same wooded area where two kids went missing 20 years earlier.

Dublin Murders
Credit: Jonathan Hession/Starz

Scott wants fans of the novels to know that everyone involved in the show’s production had the deepest respect for the source material. “I think that the certain beating heart of the novel was kept completely intact,” he says. “And you know, Tana French, she found a kind of interesting, dark humor and sort of questionable ethical lines in a way for both of the primary characters, and I think that those things are very rich in the way that we performed them — at least I hope so.”

On the show, Scott plays detective Rob Reilly, who the actor says has “some nefarious skeletons” in his closet. “Rob is carrying a trauma that we sort of begin to discover where that’s coming from, and it’s quite a significant trauma, and it manifests itself in his day-to-day life”.

Scott teases that viewers can expect a tense thriller and, as any fan of French’s books would guess, plenty of misdirection. “There’s woods, there’s a wolf, and people are very clearly having mental breakdowns — there’s lots of very rich and very dark edge-of-your-seat material,” he says. “I think it does its audience a lot of credit; it’s not trying to give away too much.”

Dublin Murders premieres the first of its eight episodes Nov. 10 at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Starz.

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