By Nick Romano
November 07, 2019 at 08:42 AM EST

James Corden got a peek inside the life of Jason Momoa, veteran actor of Game of Thrones, the Aquaman himself, and star of Apple TV+ series See. After Momoa attempted to shoot an an apple off of Corden’s head with a bow and arrow while blindfolded, however, the Late Late Show host probably has a few regrets.

A new segment saw Corden with a rare “2 Hours Off” from his talk show duties, so he decided to hang with Momoa. It began with a motorcycle ride and quickly led to archery lessons. That’s when Momoa had a novel idea.

“We’re gonna do a little trust exercise,” the actor said. On See, a virus ravaged humankind and those who survived were left blind. So, Momoa wanted to wear a blindfold for a “William Tell”-inspired feat.

“There’s no reason for this. I already think you’re amazing,” Corden said.

The host then quietly replaced himself with a dummy and, when Momoa fired, his arrow got lodged in the dummy’s head. Now, the dummy was a bit shorter than Corden, who realized the arrow would’ve gone straight through his mouth if he hadn’t moved. This caused some tension, which was dissipated with some whip lessons.

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