Chris Evans and Scott Evans returned to The Tonight Show for another round of brotherly love, and they’re still as adorable as ever.

The two played a game called Know Your Bro, which is exactly like the Sibling-wed Game they played with Jimmy Fallon on the show in 2014. One brother wears noise-canceling headphones, while Fallon asks the other brother a question about his sibling. The goal is for the gents to prove they know each other so well and come up with the same answer.

Chris rocked this game, until the final question. The Knives Out star was asked to name Scott’s most embarrassing childhood memory and out came this story about 5- or 6-year-old Scott pooping his pants three times while on a skiing trip with the family. That was definitely not what Scott was thinking about. In trying to guess the same story, Scott told of another embarrassing moment when he went to the bathroom in his pants because their sister wouldn’t pull over the car.

We did get to hear about that time Chris pushed Scott into a coffee table and cracked his head open as a kid and then Scott covered for him… unlike how Chris covered for his poop story on The Tonight Show this week.

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