Food fight!

On Friday, a brawl broke out on the set of Madam Secretary.

TMZ reports that a background actor and a craft services employee got into a physical altercation in between takes of the CBS drama starring Tea Leoni. According to the website, police had to break up the fight that took place on set in Whippany, N.J., but no arrests have been made.

Credit: Craig Blankenhorn/CBS

The incident reportedly happened during a break in filming when a group of background actors lined up at craft services for food. One actor cut the line, and when a female craft services employee told him to go to the back, he pushed her.

Then the employee’s husband — who also works for craft services on set — became involved and punched the actor in the face, and he landed on top of the food table. The fight escalated with the husband getting on top of the actor and punching him several more times. Police had to separate the two men, and the actor was taken the hospital and treated for his injuries.

CBS did not immediately reply to EW’s request for comment.

Political drama Madam Secretary stars Leoni as Elizabeth McCord, the former Secretary of State who became President. The sixth and final season is currently airing on CBS.

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