But it's actually Julie Andrews who wins the entire game!

By Sydney Bucksbaum
November 02, 2019 at 01:38 PM EDT
  • TV Show

Would you feel confident going up against a Friends star in Friends trivia?

When Jennifer Aniston appeared on The Graham Norton Show to promote her new Apple TV+ series The Morning Show with costar Reese Witherspoon (who played her sister on Friends once upon a time), Graham Norton decided to see just how much the women remembered about the iconic comedy. But he had Ian McKellen step in as the quiz master to make things even more exciting.

The questions range from what Aniston is wearing in her first scene on the series to finishing a line that Witherspoon’s character said on the show, and both women fire off the answers pretty quickly. They both get so into it that Aniston even raps “Baby Got Back” and Witherspoon sings the opening line of the Friends theme song.

But it’s surprisingly Julie Andrews who wins the entire thing by answering one of the most important questions about Friends ever. Watch the video above to see the incredible trivia game take place.

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