The Eric Andre Show

In 2020, it will be time to deliver a pizza ball. Or at least more episodes from Eric Andre.

The Eric Andre Show will return to Adult Swim later next year for a fifth season of absurdist adventures, EW has learned. It’s high time, too: The subversive, surreal experiment that masquerades as a late-night talk show with Andre as unhinged host and Hannibal Buress as disengaged co-host aired its season 4 finale three years ago. (Andre has kept the freaky franchise alive since then, dropping such specials as “Eric Andre Does Paris” and “KRFT Punk’s Political Party,” as well as touring with The Eric Andre Show Live!)

What will the 10-episode fifth season look like? Better yet, what will Andre look like? He undergoes a transformation for each season, and the next one will not disappoint, as you can see in this first-look photo above. “To get ready for it, I waxed my entire body, got over 200 pounds, and slept in a tanning bed,” he tells EW. “I also got a new, super ‘expensive’ set that looks like Liberace f—ed a Japanese game show. This is the season of ultimate decadence.”

To that end, wipe all that ranch off of your face and indulge in two more peeks at the new season. “This dude is a fan favorite, the classic Ranch It Up guy in his final form,” he says of that raccoon-swaddling, syringe-fingered character. And as for Bench Mensch, “he’s an anthropomorphic bench who helps civilians out pro bono! He’s basically my mom.”

Eric Andre Show CR: Adult Swim
Credit: Adult Swim
Eric Andre Show CR: Adult Swim

Andre — whose recent credits include The Lion King and Disenchantment — next stars in the big-screen comedy Bad Trip, which he co-wrote with director Kitao Sakurai. Slated for release in April, Bad Trip also features Lil Rel Howery and Tiffany Haddish. Andre is also in the middle of his Legalize Everything world tour, and he’ll headline the Adult Swim Festival in Los Angeles on Nov. 16 with another performance of The Eric Andre Show Live!.

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