In a rare moment for James Corden’s Spill Your Guts or Fill Your Guts, a game where guests have to answer uncomfortable personal questions or eat some kind of bull penis/bird saliva/cow tongue/hot sauce smoothie concoction, Arnold Schwarzenegger was an open book.

The action star, soon to be seen in Terminator: Dark Fate, willingly talked about one time he lied as governor of California, whether he would’ve eaten at Planet Hollywood if he hadn’t been an investor, and his past with President Donald Trump.

His first story goes back to 2010. As governor, Schwarzenegger vetoed a bill from San Fransisco Assemblyman Tom Ammiano that would’ve, according to HuffPost, given the Port of San Fransisco the funding needed to overhaul its old shipyard into a new neighborhood. Schwarzenegger’s veto letter came with an acrostic: the first letter of each line combined to form the message, “F— you.”

At an earlier Democratic Party fundraiser that followed contentious budget negotiations, Ammiano had shouted phrases like “you lie” and “kiss my gay a—” at Schwarzenegger. The governor, at the time, said the “f— you” message was “one of those wild coincidences.” On The Late Late Show, Schwarzenegger confirmed that hidden message to Ammiano was definitely intentional.

Credit: Terence Patrick/CBS

“At the press conference the next day, when they discovered that [‘f— you’ message], the press, they said to me, ‘Did you know that it says ‘f— you’?” Schwarzenegger told Corden. “And I said, ‘No, no. Wait, wait a minute. Where does it say that?”

Corden also asked the actor about the worst thing he heard Trump say in private, and, again, Schwarzenegger chose to answer instead of eat grotesque snacks.

“In private he was always very nice,” he began. “The last private conversation I had with him was when he called to ask me for my endorsement when he ran for president and I declined. Since then, everything that he says about me, not to me, is on Twitter, which sucks. So, I think he was always kind of nice in private, but in public I think he’s very mean spirited.”

Schwarzenegger still ended up eating some turkey testicles because Corden was so shocked that his guest answered all his questions. The host gave one final query, asking Schwarzenegger to rank Sylvester Stallone, Jason Statham, and Mickey Rourke based on their acting ability. Schwarzenegger will do a lot of things, but he won’t do that.

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