By Nick Romano
October 30, 2019 at 08:50 AM EDT

Jimmy Fallon‘s team at The Tonight Show realized their audience likes to watch celebrities freak out on stage. So, this week, there’s more of the same.

Reese Witherspoon agreed to be the latest victim for Fallon’s Can You Feel It? challenge, wherein guests have to stick their hands in a mystery box and guess what’s inside. The real purpose of it all, however, is to watch the looks on their faces as they imagine what critters might be lurking in the box.

Fallon is always the most freaked out, just doing the absolute most to psych himself out. To his credit, history tells us that the producers always give him the worst things to touch: lizards, animatronic moving spiders, and worms, to name a few. The worst this time around were webs surrounding a fake spider.

Watch the freak-outs in the video above.

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