By Nick Romano
October 30, 2019 at 08:16 AM EDT

The first rule about James Corden’s fight club is that Edward Norton wants nothing to do with it.

In his latest sketch for The Late Late Show, Corden launched a Late Late Show Fight Club with his staff — against their wishes, we’ll add — as inspired by Norton’s past as the star of Fight Club, the movie.

“I think we’ve absorbed that there’s better ways of expressing our masculinity,” Norton says. Nevertheless, he’s still sucked back in for a brief moment when Corden pushes him over the edge.

All the guy wants to do is talk about Motherless Brooklyn, his “magnum opus,” as the Birdman star put it. He directed it, wrote it, and starred in it. But, no. Corden wants to fight.

It all ends poorly for one of them. Guess who.

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