If Chicago Fire fans were heartbroken over Monica Raymund’s departure after six seasons, it’s time to rejoice. EW can exclusively report that Raymund will be returning for the Dick Wolf drama’s season 8 winter finale, airing Nov. 20.

When Raymund’s Gabby Dawson pops back into Casey’s (Jesse Spencer) life in episode 9, “Best Friend Magic,” she’ll throw her former love interest for a loop. What this means in the big picture for Dawsey stans is yet unclear.

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“Coming back to the show was a homecoming for me,” Raymund tells EW. “The cast of Chicago Fire will always be my family, and it was so wonderful to work with them again. It was such a positive experience returning to the family, and I’m so happy and grateful for a chance to work with all of them again!”

She adds, “Fans can expect sparks to fly from the Dawson and Casey reunion. Dawson and Casey will always have an unbreakable bond, and their love is a special love that I think will forever stay alive. The fans don’t want to miss this episode — we get to seep Dawson and Casey’s love in a new light.”

Chicago Fire
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When last fans saw Gabby in the season 7 premiere (her final appearance on the series until now), she returned from Puerto Rico, where she had accepted a full-time job working on relief efforts. She asked Casey to leave Chicago behind and move with her to the island, but he declined. Series creator and showrunner Derek Haas, who also wrote “Best Friend Magic,” teases that Dawson has returned for multiple reasons.

“Dawson is back in town to help raise money for her aid organization and stops by Firehouse 51 to see Otis’ memorial and to reconnect with everyone,” he tells EW.

While remaining tight-lipped about how the whole thing will play out and what Raymund’s appearance could mean for the future, Haas agreed to answer four of our most burning questions — albeit cryptically.

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: Is Dawson’s return the final nail in the coffin for Dawsey?
DEREK HAAS: Or is it the opening of the lid?

What does her return mean to the Chicago Fire family?
Almost everyone is delighted to see her.

What was it like to have Monica back on set?
Amazing as it always was. She’s delightful inside and out. And an incredible actress.

Does her return leave the door open for her to be back on the show in the future?
You’ll have to watch the episode and see!

Chicago Fire airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.

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