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There’s no excuse for basic Halloween costumes when The Masked Singer has given us endless ensemble ideas. It’s a show practically built for the holiday, with costumes ranging from the Tree’s festive tinsels, to the Black Widow’s ooky spooky outfit.

Some fans have already shown off their top-notch Masked Singer Halloween costumes ahead of the festivities, and we think the judges would find them all winners. With creativity and dedication, people are creating looks that rival the big-budget costumes on the Fox show’s big stage. Below are some of the best fan costumes from social media.


Peacock was a popular choice this season, with many dressing up as Donny Osmond’s colorful bird costume from season 1. Osmond even shouted out fan Jimmy Rosier’s impeccable work on Twitter.

Ice Cream

The sweet treat that was Ninja’s costume was another crowd-favorite this Halloween. This dog’s heart-meltingly cute getup may be our favorite, though.


We love these creative takes on the Flower!


We can’t believe these Thingamajig costumes are homemade. They look just as good (and sweaty inside) as the costume from the show.


These Hippos are ready to take down the competition.


This woman came prepared as the Leopard, but with a slight twist. “I transformed myself into a tiger, Victorian Style. Inspired of course by @maskedsingerfox Leopard,” she wrote.

This sparkly Butterfly, which took over five hours to make, has got our vote.

The Pineapple, Lion, and Flamingo are ready to hit the beach — or the haunted house!

This whole crew dressed up in Masked Singer costumes. There was Flower, a pint-sized Thingamajig, Egg, Rottweiler, Tree, Skeleton, and Flamingo, as well as Pineapple from the first season.

The judges and host Nick Cannon

Good Day DC’s outfits are so uncanny, even judge Ken Jeong approved. We bet Robin Thicke, Jenny McCarthy, and Nicole Scherzinger would give them thumbs ups as well. And before host Nick Cannon feels left out — he got turned into a costume too.

Bonus: Superfan Leslie Jones geeked out after getting some Masked Singer swag and tweeted videos of herself donning the masks. While not technically her Halloween garb, we just had to include them.

The Masked Singer is off this week due to the World Series, and will be back Wednesday, Nov. 6 at 8 p.m. ET/PT with a double elimination.

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