Zombies and ghouls to the left, sexy vampires are back and the world can thank the BBC. On Sunday, the British broadcaster dropped the first trailer for their three-part miniseries Dracula.

Created by Steven Moffatt and Mark Gatiss, Dracula will take place in 1897 Transylvania and will follow a blood-sucking count who has his fangs set on victims in Victorian London. Danish actor Claes Bang will bring to life…err death (?) the legendary vampire in the series, which is eventually set to air via Netflix on this side of the pond – though no release date has been set.

“Try and stay calm, you’re doing very well,” Bang as Dracula says to his potential victim in the trailer while licking his fangs.

Moffatt and Gatiss are known for their hit Benedict Cumberbatch-led series Sherlock. Series co-stars include John Heffernan, Dolly Wells, Joanna Scanlan, Sacha Dhawan, Jonathan Aris, and Nathan Stewart-Jarrett.

“There’s lots of things that are challenging about Dracula,” Moffat told Radio Times in April. “Having an evil lead character is actually really difficult. That’s been the main challenge I think. But how we’ve handled, that you’ll have to wait and see.”

Check out the full trailer for Draculaabove.

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