The Kingdom is gone, and Alexandria had to deal with a 49-hour zombie siege. On this Sunday’s upcoming episode of The Walking Dead, however, it will be Hilltop’s turn to suffer. And we’ve got the exclusive first few minutes of the episode to prove it.

But that’s not all that goes down in the opening montage, above. While the sweet sounds of “Heaven I Know” by Australian songstress Gordi plays in the background, we actually begin in Alexandria, where we see a fun family dinner involving Daryl, Michonne, Judith, and RJ. Daryl even brings Carol a plate and leaves it outside her door.

Not all is well in Alexandria, of course, as we see the aftershocks of trauma: Carol wrapping her wrist, as well as a clearly sweaty and unwell Siddiq looking out at Rosita, Gabriel, and Coco.

Then the action switches to Hilltop, with action being the operative word as Magna and Yumiko share a passionate scene. But something seems off about Ezekiel. The dude appears to be in a funk of some sort. Does the king miss his palace? Or does he still pine for Carol? Whatever is going on with him, the moment of solitude is interrupted by a sound outside, which Ezekiel goes out to investigate.

What he finds is bad news. A tree has collapsed over the wall and on top of a building. That means injuries and possible deaths. It also means their defenses have been compromised. Even scarier is the possibility that this was no natural occurrence. Did that tree fall on its own, or are the Whisperers behind it? No doubt the paranoia that has gripped our communities ever since 10 heads were put on pikes will only increase after this latest incident.

Watch the first few minutes of the episode above, and then see how it all plays out Sunday night on AMC.

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