By Nick Romano
October 22, 2019 at 09:41 AM EDT

Here at The Late Late Show, James Corden is all about self-care. So, when he saw his guest, Paul Rudd, falling asleep during their rehearsal for a sketch, the host absolutely let him take a nap.

But, because Corden still needed content to fill the space on his show that was reserved for their sketch, he instead had to film three minutes of Rudd catching some Zs.

“You can’t make the monologue a little bit longer or something?” Rudd asked before agreeing to let the world become voyeurs to his snoozing habits. “I don’t think people are gonna want to watch three minutes of me sleeping.”

“I agree,” Corden said. “I don’t think anyone would want to watch that, either. I think they’d actually like to watch the very clever Plant-Man sketch that we were gonna shoot, but you were too tired to do so.” Oh snap!

Without further ado, here’s the star of Netflix’s Living With Yourself just taking a nap. Set it as your new yule log video for the holidays.

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