She-Ra and the Princesses of Power continues to broaden the diversity of its characters as it heads into season 4.

The Netflix animated series already has multiple gay and lesbian character, in addition to characters of all skin tones. Now the hit show is welcoming its first non-binary character, which will be voiced by gender-nonconforming actor/author/activist Jacob Tobia.

According to DreamWorks Animation, “Tobia voices Double Trouble, a non-binary shape-shifting mercenary from the Crimson Waste, who joins forces with Catra and the Horde. Able to magically transform themselves into any person they see, Double Trouble has the soul of a thespian, spending hours in ‘character study’ trying to perfectly mimic their target, and always looking for feedback on their ‘performance’ – just don’t ever give them a negative critique.”

She-Ra and the Princesses of Power
Credit: Netflix

Tobia discusses taking on the role in a video posted on the Netflix Prism account on Instagram.

The studio teases the upcoming fourth season as “the respective rises of Queen Glimmer as leader of the Rebellion and Catra as co-leader of the Horde. As the Horde makes advances on the Rebellion under the looming threat of Horde Prime’s arrival, the Princess Alliance makes heroic strides but begins to disagree on the best way to defend Etheria. Ultimately, a shocking discovery about Etheria itself causes Adora to reconsider everything she thought she knew.”

Season 4 of She-Ra and the Princesses of Power launches Nov. 4 on Netflix.

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