In case anyone thought “Kellyoke” may have been getting old after a month, Kelly Clarkson just burst through the stage door to outdo herself on Monday’s show, singing Heart‘s iconic song “Alone.”

Clarkson exudes palpable confidence while belting the track, asking her audience if anyone likes Heart — like she doesn’t already know how excited they are to hear her sing the famous, women-fronted band’s hit. Clarkson even takes a beat before the famous high note that kicks off the chorus to ask “Y’all ready?” in her Texas twang.

Celebrating the long karaoke legacy of “Alone,” The Kelly Clarkson Show host even gets the audience involved at one point, handing the mic over to a group of women to let loose on the phrase “How do I get you alone?”

Fans of American Idol will note that Clarkson’s cover stands on the shoulders of Carrie Underwood‘s breakout moment on the reality competition, where she catapulted to the-one-to-beat status after singing the same song.

Which makes us beg the question: how do we get those two together?

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