Step inside the Matterhorn and walk the halls of a Star Destroyer.

Alongside the beloved animated fairy tales, DCOMs, and classic superhero cartoons on Disney+ will be another essential piece of Disney’s long legacy — the history of the innovative designers known as Imagineers.

The Imagineering Story, a docuseries from The Pixar Story filmmaker Leslie Iwerks, pulls back the curtain on the work of the brilliant artist-engineers who have made real-life magic at the Disney Parks for decades. Narrated by Angela Bassett, the six-hour series chronicles the history of the Imagineers, beginning with the inception of Disneyland and tracing the development of all the of the Disney parks and all of the fantastical lands within them (yes, including Galaxy’s Edge) to the present day.

“The story of Walt Disney has been told. The story of animation has been told. But the story of Imagineering lies deep within the essence of Disney, starting with its founder, Walt himself,” says a Disney+ press release. “Three narrative threads intertwine through the decades — the spirit of the designers, the skill of the craft, and the drama of the theme park business.”

The trailer for the new series (which EW is exclusively debuting, above) teases peeks inside the “underground city” beneath a park, the “inner sanctum” of Disneyland’s Matterhorn, and a tour of a Star Destroyer. “Walt set a standard early on with the Imagineers,” the trailer explains. “It was a standard that surprised people, so that they left thinking, ‘Wow, how did Disney do that?’” Next month, we just might get an answer.

The Imagineering Story
Credit: Disney +

Check out the trailer above. The Imagineering Story will be available to stream on Disney+ Nov. 12.