It’s not easy writing a play — especially when you’re battling not just writer’s block and creative challenges but also, say, yourself. That idea is to taken to great comedic extremes in this exclusive clip from Living With Yourself, a new Netflix series that stars Paul Rudd as Miles, a down-and-out ad exec and husband who is trudging his way through life. Tipped off by a colleague, Miles goes to a medical spa in hopes of a treatment that will better himself, and, well, you better hold on, because the next thing he knows, he’s face to face with another version of himself. And this one is a superior Miles.

Living With Yourself was created by Timothy Greenberg (The Daily Show) and is directed by Jonathan Dayton and Valerie Faris (Little Miss Sunshine). Aisling Bea (This Way Up) stars as Miles’ wife, Kate, who is definitely in the dark about this doubling. One can only imagine her reaction if and when she uncovers the truth about Miles. And Miles.

Greenberg believes that this project will bring you a new side of Paul Rudd — and not just literally. “This is a different Paul Rudd than most people have usually seen,” he tells EW. “He’s done a lot of wonderful things in his career and I’ve always been a huge fan, but I do think that certainly by taking these two roles, but to some degree even playing original Miles, it’s not quite the character that we usually see from him. If anything, the actual Paul in real life and the Paul we’re used to seeing on screen is more new Miles. I also think that his range is incredible…. He’s funny, he’s dramatic. There are moments where he’s a little scary. There are moments where it is ideally heartwarming or sad, and I think he brings all that range to it in a way that I really thank God we got him.”

All eight episodes of Living With Yourself premiere Friday on Netflix.

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