Whether on the big or small screen, tales set in the Purge universe have essentially always taken place during a single night of legalized crime. Not so, though, for the stories related in season 2 of The Purge TV show, which premieres Oct. 15 on USA Network.

“This season is a different part of the Purge world than we’ve ever seen before,” says executive producer James Roland. “For the first time, we’re going to see what the world is like in between Purges and how the holiday of violence has repercussions that trickle down throughout the rest of the year.”

Season 2 stars Derek Luke as a character named Marcus Moore and Paola Nuñez as Esme Carmona, who works for the ruling party, the New Founding Fathers of America.

“Marcus is at home on Purge night hunkering down and staying safe,” says Roland’s fellow EP, Krystal Houghton Ziv. “Somebody breaks in and tries to kill him. So, the rest of the year he’s trying to figure out, ‘Who was that trying to kill me? And how can I stop them before they try to do it again next year?’ And then we have Esme, who is our NFAA representative —v she works in the surveillance center and she’s our way into that world. She’s a true believer when she starts out the season, she really thinks the Purge is keeping crime low the rest of the year, but then she gets wind of this conspiracy and she starts to realize that the people she’s put her trust in are not what they seem.”

The Purge
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The second season of the show also stars Max Martini as the heist-planning Ryan Grant and Joel Allen as a fraternity member named Ben.

“Ryan and his heist team are pulling off bank robberies every Purge night,” says Ziv. “This is another thing the fans have always been asking about: ‘Why is it always murder? I would go out and get money!’ So, we’re like, Yes, this guy is doing what you would do. But of course nothing goes exactly to plan, and so the rest of the year he’s trying to keep his team safe and get the score of all scores, so they’ll be able to leave the country. And last we have Ben, who is our frat guy-college student, who is out on a fraternity scavenger hunt, but gets caught up in a really bad situation, and is almost killed, and has to defend himself, and then he is unable to let that experience go the rest of the year. It starts infecting him more and more and he’s our representative of how violence begets violence in the Purge universe.”

And how would Roland and Ziv themselves spend Purge night?

“I would Purge the Purgers,” says Roland. “I’d be like a violent Robin Hood.”

“Not me,” says Ziv. “My husband has dual citizenship, so maybe we could escape to another country. Or the woods. You always see people being violent in the cities. I’m like, maybe in a rural area I could have a little doomsday bunker, or something, and hunker down.”

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