What do you do if you’re a recently divorced woman dealing with an enormous mortgage on a Malibu mansion and in need of income? Rent out rooms, of course!

If you couldn’t tell, we’re dealing with sitcom logic here. That’s the setup of Mood Swings, a new series created by and starring soap opera vet Crystal Hunt (One Life to Live), premiering Oct. 24 on Christian studio Pure Flix‘s streaming platform. (They’re the company behind the God’s Not Dead films, among others.) The show also stars Hunt’s fellow soap stars Donna Mills (General Hospital) and Robin Riker (The Bold and the Beautiful), along with veteran, Oscar-nominated actress Dyan Cannon.

Mood Swings follows Farrah (Hunt) who takes on roommates to earn money to support herself and her eight-year-old son Ryder. Enter Coco (Riker), a disgruntled working woman, Dani (Bad Moms‘ Christina DeRosa), a Canadian-Italian “culinary wizard” and aspiring actress, and Emilia (Ballers‘ Sophia Gasca), a Dominican entrepreneur trying to secure U.S. citizenship. Comedic high jinks ensue.

Mills and Cannon play Farrah’s mom and aunt, respectively, with Jason Earles (Disney’s Hannah Montana) as her live-in, slacker handyman.

“We felt there was a need for a great female ensemble comedy,” Hunt said in a statement. “Right now, you can only watch reruns of shows like Golden Girls and Designing Women to enjoy a female-driven show. Our thinking was to embrace the legacy of these programs while adding a modern twist.”

Check out the Mood Swings trailer above for a taste of the show’s comedic stylings.

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