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Kevin Smith has a theory on why DC Comics TV shows have been more successful than the big screen movies, and it honestly makes a lot of sense.

The filmmaker stopped by PeopleTV’s Couch Surfing to take a look back on some of his work, including the multiple episodes of Supergirl that he’s directed, and revealed that the success of DC’s TV shows versus movies can all be boiled down to the writers.

“It has nothing to do with the characters themselves or how they interact with the social consciousness or whether they’re relevant still or not,” Smith says. “A good writer will turn anything into a watchable concept. Some of the DC movies have had a hard time catching an audience. The stories haven’t been as satisfying. When you’re doing a DC television show, such as Supergirl or The Flash, you don’t have two hours to tell your story. You have 22 hours to tell a long story… They get more time there.”

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He also couldn’t stop singing the praises of Supergirl star Melissa Benoist after directing her in four episodes of The CW’s superhero drama.

“Melissa Benoist is the absolute f—ing s—t,” he says while watching scenes from the first episode he directed. “Like, grace under pressure. They truss that girl up and sail her up in the sky on hooks and s—t like that… but she never complains.”

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